Little Floral Sandals



The story behind these sandals….

About a month ago my mom and I went to Payless to purchase some shoes to send back home in Haiti and boom my eyes could not resist these.  The moment i saw them i fell in love, and i  was like yep i am getting them. I saw them in size 7 but my size is 6 or 6 1/2, so you can imagine what i did. I ran to the other aisle to see if they have my size and thank God i found them. Click HERE to check them out. They also come in a solid fuchsia but sizes are limited because they are in clearance. I had many reasons why i love them. First they can be dressed up or down, as you see in the picture i worn them with jeans. For more pictures about how i rock them differently feel free to follow my Instagram the link is in the homepage. Secondly when i tried them on they felt very comfortable. Last but not least they were on sale. Yasss only $10.  And they are colorful. Who does not like a colorful pair of sandals?  Specially in summer. Yes i do. I think it is crucial  to have some colors and different styles in the closet. Playing with colors can be very fun.


Don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

Live colorfully!

With Love



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