Red is Love


How pretty is this Crossbody Bag? Well pretty is not enough to describe it. Couple weeks ago i went to the mall just for a pair of shoes. (you know how some ladies feel about shoes) And i saw this beauty,  of course we made eye contact and i fell in love with it. The color is so perfect, it can be paired with different outfits if you like playing with colors, it is for you. It can be dressed up or down. The first time i worn it  i dressed it up with a nice embroidered navy blue dress and a red pair of shoes.

IMG_6962I really love this dress. It has a big bow, the little red and off white flowers give life to it.  It was just a perfect match. I just love dressing up, there is no such thing call over dressed.

That day I went to a French restaurant in New York called LaDurée in celebration of my friend birthday and also the same week my boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary, so it was a very fun day to celebrate life and love.  The food was very great, if you love sweets I really recommend this place because they are known for their macarons.

IMG_4538 Lastly, i cannot finish this post without giving you the details of my outfit. I purchased the dress from Banana Republic, i tried to find the link so i can include it here but unfortunately it sold out on their website. I got the shoes and the bag from Macys. Click Here if you are interested in getting the shoes and There if you would like to get the the bag.

Below I attached more pictures.

Thank you for reading my post. Please feel free to leave a comment.

With Love,

Stephania Breau


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