How do you style your baby bump?






Being pregnant is awesome, not being able to fit into your favorite clothes is another thing.

But yes to comfy clothes…

I keep it classy and simple.

I was able to wear my pants and some of my dresses until week 15 by week 16 to 20 it started to get real. Even though some clothes still fit but when I wore them I felt like passing out.  I had to say bye-bye to most of my jeans well not giving them away but pack them for God knows until when I will wear them again. I tried to hold a little bit before I started buying maternity clothes, being a size small made me think that I could buy one size up and I will be fine but trust me not all of them will fit right. Depending on the style it might work out otherwise forget it. After reading a couple of suggestions online on comfortable and cute maternity clothes, I was like yes, I got this. And I had so many ads that kept popping up on my Facebook wall about maternity clothing I finally got carried away. My concerns were not really about style because I know there are cute motherhood clothes out there but I did not want to buy a bunch of clothes that I will not be able to wear after the remaining time of my pregnancy. I took good care of my clothes, so they last me (Still have some clothes that I had since I was in Haiti).

I was already a big fan of fashion, I enjoy putting something cute and comfortable. Especially now being comfortable is my thing, I have to wear clothes that have enough room because of the baby bump, and I am sure little one can’t stand when I have something tight on.  The dress I am wearing is not maternity clothes, but it looks like one. I got it from New York & Company. I never used to shop there because their clothes cut big but my mom loves this place. My mom and I went to the mall a couple of days ago, and of course, she went to her store, I  saw it, and I fall in love with it. I did picture the style in my head and boom.

I would love to hear your to go pregnancy style, please share your story and let’s live the magic together.

With love








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