So Pregnant

It is sooo exciting to bring a human being on earth! Cannot wait to meet my little one. Well it' s been a while, my last post was dated December 2017 and I am so happy to be back and share my story and my magic with you all. So let's be back to the... Continue Reading →

Red is Love

How pretty is this Crossbody Bag? Well pretty is not enough to describe it. Couple weeks ago i went to the mall just for a pair of shoes. (you know how some ladies feel about shoes) And i saw this beauty,  of course we made eye contact and i fell in love with it. The... Continue Reading →

Little Floral Sandals

    The story behind these sandals.... About a month ago my mom and I went to Payless to purchase some shoes to send back home in Haiti and boom my eyes could not resist these.  The moment i saw them i fell in love, and i  was like yep i am getting them. I... Continue Reading →

Nail Salons

Am I the only one who is almost never satisfied with most nail salons services? Ok I am not too picky don't get me wrong; I simply hate wasting my money. If the service provided is not good, it is a waste of time and money. Last Sunday I decided to have a little me... Continue Reading →

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